THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = And anyWay, I found my own


Vesta disturbs

Lilith, for a Change…
"Any Word, from Handiboi?
About the White Horse?"
Vesta asks Lilith.

"Surprisingly, no,"
Lilith quips from where
she's arm wrestling the Knight
of Pentacles, "He said,
'People have learned to control
Heart rate, body temperature, etc,
but the Tongue seems to be
the only organ of use, to control.'
Also , he told me
to come over
to the Mountain."

"No fucking Way are you
doing that," the Knight of Pentacles
decrees, as he slams her arm
into the table.

"No one asked you,
Bruce," Lilith spits at him,
"And anyWay, I found my own
White Horse."

"How do you know
it's the right One?"
Vesta tests her.

"Because the lyrics are,
'I am the Earthquake.
Armies shake at my name.
I come for Justice.
Recognize your King.
Do you want Peace or War,
when Heaven's Force
comes riding on a White Horse?"

"Fire," Vesta nods,
as she tosses up the horns.

"I know right?"
Lilith glows
in the Dark.

"You know Lilith,"
Vesta adds, from behind her
computer screen, "This song
also starts, by saying, 'I am
the Way, the Truth, the Life."

"I know, V,"
Lilith shrugs,
"That part is about you."

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