THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius SQUARE The Nodes of Fate) = Fallen


“I don’t need you

to come with me,” Lilith argues

with the Knights, in the hallWay…
"The fuck you don't,"
the Knight of Pentacles says,
as he scoops Lilith up,
and tosses her over his shoulder,
"You may not be,
unsupervised, at Handiboi's 

"Put me down, Bruce,"
Lilith pounds at his back,
"There are other strategies
than brute Force, let's talk
about this."

"Yes, let's," Vesta chimes in.
"Before we go anywhere
we should evaluate
what we actually need
to churn up.  A lot
of the shit, on this list,
is Hot-Girl-Shit.  We already
have it."

Lilith dangles, "I'm not

Vesta sighs, "During
this Truce, 14 miracles
pop out of the Milk

"Like what," Lilith asks
as she wiggles out of the Knight
of Pentacles' grip.

"1. The Sun. 2. The Moon."

"Got it. Got it,"
Lilith follows.

"3. The GXDXSS of Fortune,"
Vesta continues.

"Don't got it," Lilith chirps.

"Yes we do.  We have
the GXDXSS of Perpetual Help,"
Vesta defends.

"Oh yeah..." Lilith trails,
"Ok, next?"

"4. The GXDXSS of Wine"

"-I think that's probably you,
since you won Bukowski,
in Pudding's rat race."

"Agreed," Vesta sweeps,
"5. A Magick Tree."

"Wow we have so many
of those," Lilith dreams.

"Good, because we also need
6. A Tree of Paradise," V nods.
7. A Magick Cow," V continues.

"Would a Magick Sheep
count?," Lilith bends the Myth.

"8. The White Horse of the Sun,"
Vesta carries on.

"Don't got it,"
Lilith calls out.

"9. A conch," Vesta
looks at Lilith.

"We'll have to ask the Sea Master,
if we can borrow his," Lili adds.

"10. A Healer of All the GXDZ"

"Chiron, duh," Lili quips.

"11. A multi-tusked
Elephant," V says.

"You have one of those,
at your Hearth," Lilith points out.

"True," V reflects,
"12. Gems 'n Jewels."

"You mean DAIMONS?  We
are those," Lilith plays on.

"13. Celestial Beauty
from Heaven," Vesta smiles.

"We've got a whole Well full,"
Lilith jumps up.

"14. A Nectar in a Golden Chalice,"
Vesta is giggling Now.

"OMG, I have had one of those,
for foreeeeeevverrr," Lilith drags.

"Okay," Vesta smiles, "So what
do we need from Handiboi?"

"The White Horse, obvi,"
Lilith says, "Adam has got
the Dark One."

"Did you hear that?  Handiboi?"
Vesta calls, to the Ether,
"Would you be so kind
as to procure, a White Horse
from your imagination?"

"So we're not going
to the Mountain?"
the Knight of Pentacles asks.

"We don't need to go
to the Mountain, Bruce,"
Vesta pats him on the arm,
"Handiboi is tHere,
he'll give the Milk
a stir, for the group."

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