THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer TRINE Vesta + Aquarius) SEMISEXTILE (Jupiter + Venus + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) = the map, or not, Kirby?”


Vesta wakes up

surrounded by scrolls

at 4 in the morning…
"Ever consider that you 
might be hypo-manic?"
Lilith asks her
from a Dark corner.

Vesta jumps,
"Yes," she confesses,
"It's Freak Out Season."

"There's a price,"
Lilith warns.

"Maybe there's a prize,"
V whispers, eyes wide, as she selects
a scroll from the scattering
around her, picking up
where she left off
the Night before.

"Vesta, I know,
things have gotten confusing
with Pudding, but
you're really not
a rat in a maze,"
Lilith offers her.

Vesta rolls her eyes,
"Do you want to explore
the map, or not, Kirby?"

"You're not turning me off
after my Great display
in Court?"  Lilith wonders.

"Why would I turn you off?"
Vesta calls to the Dark.

"I dunno," Lilith shrugs,
"Venus was All like, 'You know
which voices, you have carried
far enough.'  Fucking bitch.  And you
do it to Selena."

"I won't be carrying you, Kirby.
You can flap yourSelves,"
Vesta assures her.

"Where are we going?"
Lilith wonders.

"It would appear
we need to collect
some tokens, to churn
 the Milk Sea,"
Vesta surmises,
with her nose in a scroll.

"I don't like the Milk Sea,"
Lilith wrinkles her nose at it.

"Sure you do, you are alWays
growing Bright bubbles
and giving them All a Way,
like Vishnu," V associates.

"Vishnu sucks all his bubbles
back into himSelves,
with every inhale,"
Lilith corrects her.

"I can See why
it might terrify you,
to be swallowed
by the Super Kirby,"
Vesta concedes,
"But I'm doing this.
Are you coming or what?"

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