THE MATH: (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = really want to know, and never


Pudding weeps

on Vesta’s lap…
"I don't get why
she doesn't like me,"
Pudding laments,

"You scared her, Pudding,"
Vesta shrugs, as she watches
the woman, scurry a Way.

"I'm a rat, V, I scare
everybody," Pudding flattens.

Vesta leans in,

"This was different,"
Vesta nudges him,
"and you know it.

When you met her, you were
so calm, collected, and cozy.
But when you asked her

for her number, you looked
scared.  So she mirrored Fear,
back to you, convinced you were

both doing something wrong.
And then you did your vague thing,
over, and over again.  You've spent

enough Time, with the Dr,
don't play dumb.  You know
how trauma is formed.

It doesn't have to be
'that bad'. Just Fear,

year after year.
It is a special kind
of psychological torture,

to stalk a girl you do not
really want to know, and never
tell her that you Love her,

or you don't."

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