THE MATH: Pallas Athene ENTERS Taurus = Sacred. So, that’s probably


Vesta and Lilith

keep weaving their minds

together, on the Library floor…
"OK," Vesta continues, "but where
do you want to meet?  Once
we've collected the Pikmin?"

"What sounds like it might
be nice, neutral ground?"
Lilith wonders.

Vesta checks the maps,
"Neptune's Ice-Cube,"
she determines.

"You mean, Athena's Island?"
Lilith corrects her.

Vesta shakes her head,
"No.  Athena sacrificed it
to him," she explains,
"Which means: to make
sacred.  So, that's probably
the most neutral ground
we have."

Lilith claims.

"She was accepting
what negative consequences
for what outcomes, Lilikoi,
the same Way you do
in Family Therapy.  Besides,
we need Athena, on Land,"
Vesta says.


"Because that is wHere
she is, she just
entered Taurus,"
Vesta states the facts.

Lilith's face fills
with a shit-eating grin,
"You mean, our Knight
in Shining Overalls,
is walking towards the North Node?"

"Destiny must be
speaking to her,"
Vesta attempts to hold
a serious and respectful visage.

"OK, but why
meet on 'Tune's Ice-Cube,
then?" Lilith carries on.

"Venus is there," V shrugs,
"The unDead have imprinted
upon her, like little lambs.
She was the One
who woke them up.
They will never not
call her Mother."

"Yeah, but what about
the Uranus Clones?"
Lilith keeps poking
at the holes in the Story, "Uranus
killed Love, the first chance
he got, Vesta," Lilith judges,
"Why would his clones,
be any different?"

Vesta brushes Lilith
off again, "Only in the Spirit
of play.  She knows
he Loves her.  I'm pretty sure
they snuggle, someTimes.
We get the armies
to the Ice-Cube,
and a Truce can be

"Still, it seems like
an awfully remote location,
to lure 1,000
foxy, con-mans to,"
Lilith presumes.

Vesta says Nothing,
smiling wider, and wider.

"What?" Lilith begins
 to look scared.

"We've got a Ferry
full of hot Nymphs, Lilith."

"Oh, yeah..." Lilith 
trails in awe.

"Maybe All
the dancing will enchant
the Clones aboard..."
Vesta wonders with her.

"And lure them
to their Deaths.
laughs, maniacally.

"And lure them
to their Truce,"
V corrects her.

"Yeah, but, what happens
when the Truce is over?"
Lilith begs the question.

V does not answer.

"V!" Lilith jabs her
in the ribs, "What do you

Vesta strokes Lilith's head,
"The map is just
a suggestion, Lilikoi.
I learned that,
from you."

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