THE MATH: (Moon + Sun + N. Node Taurus) = SOLAR ECLIPSE = It is best, you Shepherd


Vesta and Lilith lay

on the Library floor, staring up

at a domed ceiling, painted

with Stars…
"Mmk, which herd
do you want?  Clones
or Zombies?"
Vesta asks Lilitu.

"Do you have a preference?"
Lilith proffers, placing
her hands behind her head.

"I sense that you will
have more sWay
over the Zombies, than I
will -Being that you also
have Risen, from the Dead,
and what not,"
Vesta explains,
side-eyeing her.

"Agreed," Lilith nods,
"Tech is more
your thing, anyWays.
It is best, you Shepherd
the Clones."

"Yeah," Vesta sighs,
"but we have another problem."

"Well, for once
it isn't me," Lilith bursts
in relief, "Let's Here it."

"Neither of us,
are very good
at wrangling
Uranus," V dives

"True," Lilith fades,
"I am only good
at catching lambs..."

"So how does One
seduce an army
of foxes?"
V asks her.

"Sounds a lot
like herding cats..."
Lilith falters.

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