THE MATH: (Moon + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) = the illumination, in the Opus


Handiboi sends Vesta

another song…

"Do you think Handiboi knows
about Rahu and Ketu?"
Lilith asks Vesta,

as she watches the video.
"Yeah," Vesta shrugs,
"I'm not sure he has read

about the Dragon
eating it's Tale,
but he calls them

Destiny and Fate, or
the North and South Node."

"Because we do, and he is
a part of our
Mythology.  We recognize

what is in our bones.
The Stars, are in our bones,
and so Handiboi awakens them,

as he gives
his attention, to them,"
Vesta completes.

"Why doesn't Handiboi,
make his own blog?"
Lilith asks.

"I keep telling him to,"
Vesta sighs, "But he says,
it's too confusing.

I'm trying not to Force
his brilliance into mini-mes,
like Time-Daddy with his Clones.

But Handiboi
doesn't seem to mind
so much, that we've been

writing him in, lately," Vesta adds,
"He sent you a message, with
this song, that says, 'Drama

Team says, 'Cheers, we lived
up to our name.  Sleep
Well, my precious Friend.'"

"It sounds like he's walking
towards Destiny..."
Lilith says, observing

the video.  "The Knights better
watch out," Vesta grins,
or Handiboi is going to

beat them tHere."

"Even if these decibels
of gray tones do not Live
up to the clear ring of pure

Light that I chase
into the center of my Heart,
they are sure to improve

the illumination, in the Opus
of the Soul.  And through this
service, I can declare them

Holy, All the Same."

-The Prophecy

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