THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces) SEXTILE (Moon + Taurus OPPOSITE S. Node + Scorpio) = seduce any sailors!


Persephone hypes up

the Nymphs, on the Ferry…
"Helloooooo ladies,
and thank you, for riding,
the Ferry to Hell.
Next stop: SCORPIO!

Eclipses alWays come
in 2's or 3's.  This 1
is a double, so, it ain't over
'till we're over the Lunar

Eclipse, bitches.  As we ride
through this Portal,
please keep your limbs
aboard, -and do not

seduce any sailors!
We are currently at
capacity.  As we have
just passed into

a new beginning,
so shall we be
required to discard
something.  Take stock,

of the trinkets you hold
dear.  It's Time to decide
what you can bear to be
without, or give a Way.

Charon prefers coins, but,
anything of value to you,
will do.  And remember, we do NOT
eat shit, in the Under-End

of Time. Thank you."

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