THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer SQUARE Venus + Aries) X (Vesta + Aquarius SQUARE The Nodes of Fate) = “I remember you.”


V interrupts, Lilith again…

"Did you know, Freud
was born, in 1856,
which places his birth in
close proximity, to the last
Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction?"
asks Vesta.

"No," Lilith admits,
but that fits the Web.
Eris says, Van Gogh was hit
by the Wave, when he was 3."

"It's funny how the founders
of psychology, were feuding
psychotics..." Vesta dreams.

"It takes One
to know One,"
Lilith returns.

"True," V drifts,
"I listen to 'The Red
Book', someTimes,
but Jung is not the best
writer.  I have Trouble
staying focused, I drift
in and out, but
I alWays return during
the bits that call out
to my Soul, saying,
"I remember you..."

"I know what that is
like, remembering..."
Lilith trails too,
"Once I wrote
a poem, about it..."

"Speak it to me,"
Vesta asks her...

I want to know you
more.  But it's weird
for you, isn't it?

There is pulsing about you.
I have known you through many
lifeTimes, even Here in this

One.  Our first convergence, I
remember, but I'll need you
to say my names

in your memories; whisper them
on my spine.  I remember
you.  I remember you.  I remember

you, but I don't know if
I'll alWays be too young
for you, or can that be

a phase we outgrew:
out-remembered.  I like that
I met you on a sWell

of awakening.  It is
erotic Here, riding
in the madness with you,

even if you're alWays far
a Way.  Lately I've been
feeling this teenage ache,

for you, and no One
else; my body rooting
into something sweet,

that has stayed, with me
All this Time.  And I
wonder if you ever

feel it, when you think of me.
Do you Open, into me?
And do you seek me, in

your Pleasure,
and your Pain?"
Lilith finishes.

"And what did Lucy say?"
Vesta asks softly.

Lilith pauses
for a long while.
He said, "You did not grow
into who I thought
you would be."

"It was brave of you
to choose Love, after All
that Time, Lili," Vesta tells her,
"Even though Love Dusted you."

"Yeah," Lilith sighs, "Venus
takes no prisoners."

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