THE MATH: Venus ENTERS Aries = your wifi is shitty.


Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus

converse, on the Ice-Cube…
"I don't think
the Nymphs are coming,
bro," Jupiter breaks it
to Neptune, as he rakes
the Sea with his eyes
in All directions.

"But Athena said,
they would..." Neptune trails.

"Are we even sure
this is the Rite-Cube?"
Jupiter wonders,
"Buddy, the Solar Eclipse
is done.  If the Nymphs
wanted to come over,
they'd be Here
by Now."

"Agreed!" Venus pipes up,
from the corner,
"And it's Time for me
to head to shore
as Well," Venus decides,
hopping into her dingy.

"Venus, leave us
the dingy, will you?
Can't you swim?"
Neptune asks her.

"Are you a gentleman,
or not?" Venus asks him.

"I'm not," Neptune says.

"Fine.  Keep it." Venus shrugs,
"It's All scraps, and falling
apart, anyWays.  Athena made it.
GXDZ bless her, but she's a Weaver
not a Carpenter."

"Can I come with you?"
Jupiter asks her.

"You can try," Venus shrugs,
"But I'm going to Dust you,
and then you'll be All
sad and crusty, like Mars is."

"WTF bro," Neptune turns
to Jupiter, "You are
just going to bail on me?"

Jupiter shrugs, "You seem to like
your solitude, and your Dreams,
more than other people,
'Tuney.  Also,
your wifi is shitty.
It's interfering
with Family Therapy."

"Well, good luck
getting up from your throne,
bro," Neptune smirks at him.

Jupiter looks down at his ice
seat, and considers his
predicament, "Run along, Venus,"
Jupiter says, "I'll be right
behind you."

"You really won't,"
Venus calls to Jupiter,
"Wait up for Mars instead.
He could use a father
figure, as he enters his domicile."

"I am his father,"
Jupiter corrects her.

"Exactly," Venus says
diving in, "So wait for him."

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