THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = closed-toe shoes, then,”


Vesta checks in

on Lilith, as she searches

for the Zombies…
"Any more visitations
from Lucy?" Vesta asks Lilith.

"I only play with men
who are brave
enough, to enter into
my inbox, Now,"
Lilith shrugs,
"How's Pudding?"

Vesta sighs, "Chasing
a girl.  He will not
apologize, and he cannot
control himSelves,
from eating her out."

Lilith trails.

"Yeah," V says, "I told him
to let her go, but
he says he likes to nibble
on her toes, and he won't
give it up."

"Is she into that?"
Lilith asks.

"She could be,"
V shrugs, "But not
under the circumstances."

"Maybe he'll take a toe,
as his sacrificial trinket,"
Lilith says.

"What?" Vesta questions.

"Trinkets, V.  We are
giving up trinkets,
this Eclipse Season,"
Lilith tells her.

"What trinket will you
give up?" Vesta ask her.

"I would Love it,
if Lucy's ghost would, 'take
his full freedom, and spare me
his supposed tokens
of Friendship', as Freud
would say," Lilith claims.

"Are you willing to rest
in silence, then?"
Vesta asks.

Lilith questions.

"Silence, Lilith,"
Vesta states, "That's the price,
according to Jung."

Lilith ponders, "I do not
think I can be

"Better wear
closed-toe shoes, then,"
Vesta pats her
on the head.

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