THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Venus + Aries) = the Books. Lilith shrugs,


Lilith confesses…

"I don't know
if I will Live
inside, anymore, in

a city.  I miss
outside dirt.  And yes,
there is a difference.  I miss

the Desert ground bees,
using me as their Watering
hole.  I alWays greet

Dawn, with the best of me,
but I wax useless, in the middle
of the Day.  And in those Days,

with a mind deep
in a pit, the Sun was
high, and I was low.

It was the bees
who told me how
to make Honey

from my Life.  They would
buzz in to the bed
of 'Rage, where

I laid, drinking
Water from my drying morning
dishes, on the Open tail

gate.  With bees upon my head,
and moving slowly, they let me
remember, what their knees know."

"-I thought the bees told Venus
what their knees know,"
Vesta questions, as she checks

the Books.  Lilith shrugs,
"She heard it on the Wind, and spoke
it into Truth again."

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