THE MATH: (Uranus + Sun CONJUNCT Taurus) = I’m the Sun, Sonny!” the Sun


The Sun Mole digs his Way into the basement of U’s Clue mansion…

"Hey buddy!  I made us a cave
painting," Uranus greets him,
leading the Sun towards it

by his snout.  "I can't See it
Sonny," the Sun grumbles,
shaking U off,  "Apparently, I am

a mole this season.  I'm blind!" 
"...I thought  it was Water
World Edition, at the Legend

of the Hidden Temple?"
Uranus questions.    "It is,"
Sunny sniffs, "I'm rebelling,

against the nymphs."
"I guess you are kind of
a Blade," Uranus shrugs, 

looking him over, "Why
do you need to rebel, against
the nymphs, to be a mole,

Sunny?  That seems a little
lazy. You could be
a rodent, any Day, without

such a big display of it.  All
rebelling does, is show
the nymphs they have

Power, over you,"  Uranus
infects the Sun, watching
his misty eyes move through many

phases.  "I'm moving on U!"
Sunny pushes past him, "You drive
me nuts, your thoughts stick

like fly paper."  "Yes," Uranus
grins, unSeen to his Sun
Mole, "I am told I can be

quite fixating."
"Goodbye U.  Enjoy my
tunnels, and happy cave

painting," Sunny says, waving
a 5-fingered claw at him.
"Who says they're your tunnels?"

Uranus calls after the Sun.
"I'm the Sun, Sonny!" the Sun
echos, as he digs onward.

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