THE MATH: (Moon + Mean Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene + Taurus) = answers, “As if I were


Lilith and Athena whisper

in the MoonLight…

"Why did you go
to the Temple in 
the first place?" Lilith asks

Athena.  She sighs, "I was
drawn to figure something
out, and I asked Dad if

he would let me rest
there, but to him it is
production that is progress,

and I needed his approval,
to do 'Nothing' in his shrine.
My lineage measures worth

in accomplished tasks,
but my progress had
no language yet,

and so it could not speak
to Jupiter.  All he saw,
were Bright bubbles, as I

wove my Dark, Moon
after Moon.  I gave the Brightness
All a Way," Athena explains,

"And I burned out
like a match, and I 
slept in the forest

for a bit, to find
a Way a Way
from the conditions

inside.  And eventually, I was
no longer welcome to return.
So I rode a Way."

"Gunz blazing, or what?"
Lilith asks her, feigning shots
with her B.B. Gun.

"Quietly," Athena
answers, "As if I were
coming back."

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