THE MATH: (Sun + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) = the Subtle Knife


Uranus breaks through a wall, into the tunnel Sunny is carving…

"Jesus, U!"  Sunny screams,
"How did you get over Here?"
"I've decided I am

a tachyon," Uranus proclaims.
"WTF is a tachyon?"
Sunny grumbles, returning

to his digging.  "I am
a hypothetical particle,
with an imaginary number

of mass, and I travel
faster than the speed
of Light," Uranus explains

to him.  "Is that even
a real science thing?"
Sunny challenges.

Uranus shrugs, "Hypothetically.
I read it in a 'zine, this morning.
Tachyons are only True,

when you add on extra
-dimensions."  "You alWays
were a slut for multiple

meanings,"  Sunny relates,
"So how many dimensions,
do you have?"  "SomeTiimes

10," U states, "but up to 27."
"Dang," Sunny whistles,
"You've got Vesta beat by 2,"

Sunny wonders, "Well,
I still can't See your stupid cave
paintings any Way, so you

might as Well leave me, to do
my thing, Electric Prince."
"That's okay Sunny,"

U says, as he pets the Sun's fur,
making it snap with static,
"The tachyon fields are All

around you.  Even Selena knows:
You exist, whether you are
Seen or not, and she was

born fairly recently."  "Well
it isn't very Blade-like
of you, Uranus," Sunny sniffs.

"Sure it is," Uranus
shrugs, "I am
the Subtle Knife."

"That's a reach, U."
Sunny rumbles, "No
One is going to get it."

"Maybe a few of them
will," Uranus offers the Sun.
"Maybe," Sunny says, "but

I wouldn't wait for it."  "I wait
for no One, Sunny," Uranus scoffs.
Sunny smiles, "You sure, about that


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