THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) SQUARE (Venus + Aries) = sheltered by me.”


Venus speaks

about her man…

"My man, has enough
problems.  He does not
make me One of them.

My man just likes
having me around.
We don't

talk that much,
because we don't
have to.  My man

is mostly about
holding me, and living
his life.  My man

doesn't expect
from me, what I am
not, and does not

See me as a reflection
of his status.  My man
knows me, without

knowing me at All.
My man has a more stoic
Heart, than I yet hold.

My man looks
for his Wife, in my eyes,
and has his own Mother.

I am a tree he Waters,
and in so doing, he is
sheltered by me."

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