THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Taurus) SEXTILE (Mean Lilith + Cancer) = the price of being under


…Athena continues…

"They said I was a coward.
They said I ran a Way,
but I just stopped fighting.

I realized I didn't have to
fight for him, to be myself, although
Jupiter would have liked me

to believe I was the slave
and he, the Master.  
It's sad to me, it had to be

like that -that every Time
I tried to walk
towards my Heart, the man

who made me, told his child
her direction was not good
enough, and he knew 

better.  I have become
myself, any Way, it just took
longer.  Approval

was Daddy's greatest weapon,
a whip that I would hand to him.
'I could help you, follow

your Dream,' he lashed,
'I have the resources.'  But
the price of being under

his thumb, was too high.  He thought
it bought him the right to have his
hand, inside my mind, and tweak it. 

"We only gave you a dowry,
to evade taxes,"  Jupiter told me,
demanding that I give it back,

just like Persephone, when it was
clear he'd lost control of me.
I had not done what Daddy wanted.

I took my freedom, and sacrificed
his approval.  I said no.
He likes to tell people I'm an alpha,

like his Mother.  An unruly
woman, with strong opinions, 
but I never directed them at him.

I just let them live,
and he couldn't bear
that they existed

after All he'd done, to draw them
out, and squelch them.  Weeds
grow in the scrawling silence.

Daddy thrives on
domination.  He calls it debate,
and I call it war."

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