THE MATH: (Venus + Aries) SEXTILE (Mercury + Gemini) = to receive my own rejection


…Mercury speaks…

"A good Friend is
like a salve, on an Open wound.
Knowing how deeply

she can poke you
before you scream,
she doesn't jab

her fingers into you.
She shows you the label,
'May I offer this

reflection to you?'
I alWays brace mySelves
to receive my own rejection

sensitivity, when Venus
proffers me a honeyed
insight.  The enemy

in the benevolent
teacher.  Ambrosia
cut from the comb

with a hot-knife.  We watch it
ooze, out of its cubicles.
'Thank you, for sharing

that,' I say, as I
bleed out the nectar
in my veins.  Venus

isn't scared of me, but
she doesn't push me either.
She lets me drip, knowing

her work is done.
'You're welcome,' she grins,
as she licks her fingers."

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