THE MATH: (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = the Unrelenting Stream


Vesta and Saturn

wait out the Dust storms…

"Lob me something, V,"
says Saturn, reading over the news
from his desk, during
Court Break, again, "I'm bored..."

Vesta watches the Dust
roil, outside, like the two
are on the inside
of a calm snow-globe.
She begins...

"Lilith is the Rageful
Woman.  Persephone is

the Coquette Nymph.
Athena is Miss Porcelain

Perfect.  Vesta is
the Drunken Genius.

Minthe is the Soft
Mischief.  Medusa

is Mis-understood.
Mercury is the Mic

-Passer.  Mars is the Good
Old Boy.  Arachne

is the Mother
-Web.  Selena

is the Sunny Cheek.
Venus is the Glue

Between.  Neptune
is the Dreaming

Giant.  Jupiter is
the Magma

-Gun.  Pluto is
the Friend.   Uranus is

the Grinning Mirror.
Chiron is the Love

Not Spoken.  Saturn is
the Unrelenting Stream."

"That's a little harsh,
for me, don't you think?"
Saturn pounds, his little
gavel at V.

Vesta shrugs, "You asked
for a spitball, Time-D."

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