THE MATH: (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = feel things,


Saturn and Vesta still

rest in the Dust storms…

"I think I've got writer's
block..." V admits, staring off
into space.

Spooky..." Saturn trails, "Are you
sure you're not dead?"

"Maybe  I am,"
V shrugs, "That happens
someTimes, but eventually
I get re-booted."

"Maybe you just 
miss Andy," Saturn proposes.

"Maybe Andy, misses me,"
Vesta claps back at him.

"Maybe you died drinking,"
Saturn moves on.

"I can't remember the last
Time I got shit-housed,
Saturn," Vesta returns.

"But you're the drunken
genius," Saturn challenges.

"I'm drunk on Dreams, boo!"
Vesta calls back to him,
"Also, I'm reading."

"You're alWays reading,"
Saturn shrugs.

"No, like, paper books,
not audio-files," Vesta corrects.

"Are you sure,
you're not dead?"
Saturn asks again.

"No," V shrugs,
"But my mind was craving
the smell of paper books in hand,
so I went to the Library, and picked one
out, and then I read, like,
200 pages, and took one of those epic
book naps.  I haven't slept
that Well, in years."

"Well, what are you reading?"
Saturn asks her.

"This book called, 'HIVEMIND',
by Sarah Rose Cavanagh.
It's about how we make each-other
feel things,
over the internet,
and through the Power
of Story-Telling."

"Yeah, everyone is
infected and infecting
and we all think we are
sooooo original," Saturn states,
"but most of our thoughts
are not our own."

"Yeah," V sighs, "the internet
is like an external nervous
system, where we pour our shit.
Pudding knows All
about it."

"-Or our Love," Saturn butts in,
"If you're Powerful enough
to make people feel things,
I'd lean towards Love, V."

"...You know I am
going to do, whatever
I want, right?" Vesta asks him.

Saturn sighs, "Yes, Bukowski."

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