THE MATH: Jupiter ENTERS Aries = “Everybody is into me.”


Jupiter and Neptune

brood, on the rite-cube…

"That's it.  I gotta go,"
Jupiter resolves, with a nod,
"This Myth, is played out."

"Mars isn't Here yet,"
Neptune protests, hoping
to persuade his brother

to stay a bit longer.  "So?"
Jupiter furrows.  "So, Venus said,
'Wait for him,'" Neptune reminds him.

"Do you do, everything
Venus tells you to, brother?"
Jupiter questions.

"...I never do
what Venus says..."
Neptune drifts.

"Exactly," Jupiter resolves.
"So, how are you getting
up, punk?" Neptune changes

the subject.  "Like this,"
Jupiter says,
standing up, ripping

the seat of his swim
trunks, "We're going ass-less
chaps, this Jupiter in Aries season."

"Is that still a relevant trend?"
Neptune wonders at him.
"I'm about to make it One,"

Jupiter pronounces
with confidence.
"You're out of touch, Jupey,

the kids won't be into it," Neptune says.
"I'm Jupiter!" Jupiter shouts
out to the Sea, 

"Everybody is into me."
"That's a grandiose
assumption, J-Baby,"

Neptune calls back to him.
"I'm taking the dingy,"
Jupiter claims.

"Leave me the dingy!"
Neptune argues.
"Who knows how long

you'll be stuck in the Dreaming
Sea," Jupiter bulldozes him,
"You don't really need it."

"That's exactly why I need it,"
Neptune protests flatly.
"Goodbye brother!"

Jupiter says, hopping in.
Neptune watches the dingy,
and Jupe's bare ass, fade into

the horizon, like a burning Sun.

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