THE MATH: (Moon + Leo) OPPOSITE (Saturn + Aquarius) = you’re never not


Persephone trains the Nymphs

how to make a crepe….

"A crepe is like
an enso.  Once

the batter hits the cooker,
you gotta go.  The more

you hesitate, the shittier
it becomes.  Every stroke

counts.  Use them sparingly,
and with intention.  You are

in a rush, but you're also not.
You go too fast, you rip

the crepe.  You go too slow,
you'll never make it

All the Way around in
Time.  I went through 2

quarts of batter, before
my crepes hit the streets.

Do not feel guilty,
because you don't know

what you don't know yet.
You just need practice,

and confidence. 
If you're stroke is

made in self doubt,
it shows up on the canvas."

"But Persephone,"
Daphne whines, pulling

on her budding crown,
"when you do it, you do 2

at a Time, and you look
like you're dancing."

"You're never not
dancing," Persephone

shrugs, "This is a game
of muscle memory.

Once you know the Way,
you can move however

you want.  And you would be
wise, to choose movements

that efficiently flow
towards your own ease,

and anticipate what you
need next.  You enter

a portal, and you pop out
a few hours later,

when your shift
is over."  "I thought

you just did it to hypnotize
customers," Daphne wonders.

"I do it, to hypnotize,
myself," Persephone answers.

"It's called flow state.
If you cant find it,

go find the Flow Philosopher."

2 responses to “THE MATH: (Moon + Leo) OPPOSITE (Saturn + Aquarius) = you’re never not”

    • Big words coming from Persephone herself! ❤ Thanks for reading Chelsie. Can't wait to connect in again soon!


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