THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) INCONJUNCT (Moon + Virgo) = ‘Well, while we’re Here,’


Moonie opens a Story

in the Library, and relates it

to the Wounded One…

"A Magician feeds a hungry bird
because he feels alone, and with
the purring pigeon, he feels something else.

He clips her wings
so that she cannot fly
a Way.  'We're friends,' he says.

A choice-less choice,
on behalf of the bird,
but OK, buddy.  It's true,

it was the pigeon's own fault,
for landing on such a precarious
mountain top.  'I was waiting

for someone, and I thought
he was you,' the pigeon coos.
'Well, while we're Here,'

the Magician says, 'let's use
each-other, shall we?  He teaches
the bird, a few tricks

of the trade.  The Magician teaches
the pigeon, how to hop through
tiny portals, by holding out

And through this ritual
the pigeon learns something,

about what it means
to be a Magician.  He teaches her
to make a little airplane,

woven out of glyphs, so she can
fly with her friends, but
she comes back, most evenings,

because she has found one."

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