THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) INCONJUNCT (Chiron + Aries) = a Way, “What about you?”


Persephone speaks

into a megaphone

on the Ferry…

"Alright bitches! Cough up!"
Persephone says,
"Trinkets go in the pot.

Lilith!  You go first."
"I already gave my best
trinket, to the GXDXSS

of Perpetual Help,"
Lilith shrugs.
"That was a Heaven trinket.

We're doing Hell trinkets Now,"
Persephone argues.
"But I was worshipping

Lucifer," Lilith protests,
"And I'm not even really
supposed to be Here."

"Fine, whatever.
Take it up with Charon.
V?" Persephone turns

a Way, "What about you?"
V throws a little leprechaun
into the bucket.

"You can't just throw me 
a Way!" the leprechaun calls
up to her, "It's inhumane!

I'm a living being!"
"Where'd you get that?"
Persephone asks, looking

down at him.  "Andy
left him, in the Library,"
V says, gazing distantly at it,

"Oh!" V exclaims, coming
back to, "I almost forgot,
he comes with a key-chain."

V tosses it in, as it blings,
'NEEBIR', in swarovski crystals.
"Athena?" Persephone moves on.

"She's white-knighting it
in Taurus," Minthe pipes in.
"Well what about you, Minthe?"

Persephone asks.
Minthe tosses in her dice,
as they land on snake eyes.

"Lucky you," Persephone grins.
"Daphne?" she asks.
The nymph adds her flower crown.

"Medusa?" Persephone carries on.
Medusa tosses in her scrying bowl.
"Wow, no more scrying on people, huh?"

"Unlike the rest of you bitches,
I'm going big, not going home,"
Medusa hisses.

"I think it was pretty big of me
to give up my leprechaun, Medusa,"
Vesta defends herself.

"Selena?" Persephone moves on.
Selena tosses in every painting she
ever made, "I'm going big," she whispers.

"Honestly, you're doing yourSelves
a favor," Lilith pats her on the back,
"Those things sucked."

"Arachne?" Persephone continues.
"Personally, I find mySelves
to be a little above All this, but

Here, have my scissors," she sniffs,
tossing in her golden shears,
"What about you, Eris?"

"I've alWays got an apple to spare,"
she grins as she adds more
gold to the booty.

"How generous,"
Persephone rolls her eyes.
"Fine," Eris says, "take my squeegee

robot instead."  "Aren't you
going to die, without that?"
Minthe asks.

"We're headed to Hell, Minthe,"
Eris cuts at her, "What do you think,
is going to happen."

"What about you, Persephone?"
Minthe asks, as she turns to her.
Persephone tosses in a kenzan

that Pluto gave her, and a ring
with three flowers, trapped
in a diamond of resin.

"Doubling down," Minthe smiles,
"Nice... Now what?"

"I don't know,"
Persephone shrugs,
"I thought it would explode,

or something, but I guess
Now we wait..."
"You better put a lid on it,"

Vesta recommends,
"Or my leprechaun might
hop out of there."

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