THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) OPPOSITE (Moon + Libra) = vs. Witches, on Bourbon


…Chiron appears

on the Ferry…

 "What are you doing Here,
Chiron?" Vesta asks.
Chiron shrugs, "I took a Lyft.

I had a great conversation
I think you'd be interested in V.
My ferryman said, his buddy is an astrologer,

and an Aries.  He believes, the Bible
is just talking about astrology.
They grew up in New Orleans, so,

he said they were right
in the thick of Bible Thumpers
vs. Witches, on Bourbon 

Street."  "I like the Way it sounds
like he's integrating his experiences,"
V notes, taking a pen out

from behind her ear,
"I'd also like to hear his theory.
Did you get any more information?"

"No," Chiron admits.  Vesta frowns,
"That's minus 10 points for Gryffindor,
Chiron.  That's a missed opportunity

for the Forest Books."
"Why are you Here, Chiron?"
Persephone changes the subject.

"I'm standing in for Charon,"
explains Chiron, "as a Matter of chance.
He says it will be less confusing

for the readers, if I just handle
whatever it is you Nymphs are
up to, down Here."

"It sounds like he is not
taking us very seriously,"
Lilith seethes.

"So anyWay, what's the deal?
You've got some shit
to give me?" Chiron asks.

"Well that depends..."
Persephone withholds,
"What are you going to do with it?"

"I dunno," Chiron shrugs,
"I'll like, put it somewhere else
in the zodiac."

"In that case," Lilith grins,
"Why don't you go fertilize the Garden
with it?  Gardens Love

a little shit."
"Oh yeeeeah," Vesta coos,
"Neebir will Love that.

Let the little leprechaun
roam, like a free
-range chicken."

"That sounds chaotic, V,"
Selena adds, "Sunny is blind,
over tHere, at the moment.  Neebir

could do some serious damage."
"Does anyone have a better idea?"
Persephone proposes.
She looks down
at the sealed pot of trinkets.

"Alright then," Persephone nods,
handing the cast-iron over,
"Take it to the Garden."

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