THE MATH: (Sun + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) = You sing at Gates


Destiny whispers a spell,

as the Sun Mole approaches

her, in the Garden….

"In playful patience
feel the Rover come.
You sing at Gates

he knows not
he walks toward.
His Heart beats harder

with each whispered hum,
yet hunkers every Time
you strike a chord. 

O' Season of New Sun
beLighting you, in tender
places you are scared

to Air.  He treads the budding
path upon the field.  He knows
it is for him you mark  it

tHere.  In playful patience,
make the ripple run.
Sharp bowl, that rings

for GXDZ, and Love, and True.
Deep sunken into silt
of meadow pond.

so a softened
seed may bloom..."

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