THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) SEMISEXTILE (Uranus + Taurus) = “I’ll take the parcel…”


Chiron calls Uranus…

"Hey, U," Chiron jingles,
"I need you to do me
a favor."  "Favors,

aren't really my thing,"
Uranus teases him.
"Trust me, I wouldn't be

calling you, if I had other
options," Chiron tells Uranus.
"Ouch, Chiron," Uranus feigns

wounding.  "Shut up.  You know
you don't care,"
Chiron calls back to him.

"I really wish
everyone would stop
assuming, I have no feelings,"

Uranus challenges.
"If you want people to believe
you have feelings, you will have to

reveal them, U," 
Chiron explains to him,
"AnyWay, I've got this package,

and I need you to sink it
in a meadow pond,
in the Garden."

"Why?" Uranus questions.
"It's a favor, U.  Will you
do it, or not?" Chiron asks him.

"I'll take the parcel..."
Uranus leads, open-ended. 
"You know what, fuck it,

I'll just wait for Athena.
We'll miss the eclipse portal
alchemy, but it won't be too long

before she and I are in
a harmonic, and I can pass it
to her," Chiron shifts.

"NO!"  Uranus yells,
"I want it."
"That's exactly the problem,"

Chiron tells him,
"You know what, it's fine.
The witches say, 'One

shouldn't perform High Magick
during an Eclipse Season,'

"We alWays perform
High Magick, during Eclipse
Seasons..."  Uranus trails.

"Yes," Chiron affirms, "and look
where it gets us.  The nymphs
are trusting me, with this thing,

U.  I gave them my Word,
and that means something
to me, although I know

Word doesn't mean much
to you."  "So the nymphs are
involved..." Uranus infers, "and Athena

is in the Garden?"
"You're out of touch, U.
You're starting to sound

like Jupiter," Chiron tells him
"You're really not going to give
the package to me?" Uranus wonders.

"No," Chiron confirms,
"But could you mail me
some Garden clover?

 I've got a little leprechaun
in Here, that could use
some sustenance."

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