THE MATH: (True Lilith Rx + Gemini) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) = Come Find Me


Vesta and Lilith lay

head to head, on the deck

of the Ferry, stargazing…

"They say the Buddha was born
under a Scorpio Full Moon..."
Vesta leads, out of no wHere,

"Do you think we'll meet him,
in Hell, on the Lunar Eclipse?"
Vesta asks.  Lilith shrugs, "I waited

for him tHere, once," she says
as she points to the Black Hole,
at 26 degrees Sagittarius;

the center of our Universe.
"But he never showed
up.  I wouldn't hold

your breath..."

(Venus + Sagittarius CONJUNCT native Mean Lilith)
X (Mean Lilith + Taurus CONJUNCT native Venus) =

beneath the Bodhi tree.  Here
I breathe, as I have never

breathed before.  I wait for you,
although, I do not expect you. 

Love is All I have
to give Here.  And as the petals

fall around me,
I will ask you, as you 

once dreamed me
to, “Do not be 

'good', be you.”

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