THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) TRINE (True Lilith Rx + Gemini) = he found you


Vesta’s smile glows,

behind her computer screen…

Lilith watches her, on the deck
of the Ferry, "What are you
smiling about?"

Vesta looks up at her,
"We got a bite,
from the HandiOne.

It would appear
he wants to meet you
beneath the Bodhi Tree."

"I don't like it,
that you're alWays flirting
with my archnemesis

lover-boy.  Find your own,"
Lilith spits jealously.
Vesta shrugs, "Andy

hasn't shown up, 
in the Library lately.
Just listen, Lilith,

he found you
the perfect
"It's said these hollows
grow unhallowed,
as Sun sinks,
and shallows sallow,
and the callow sparrows come
to play a game
called Foul Gallows.

To navigate a passage narrow,
and escape un-harrowed,
means to win,
a fairest lady-Love."

-The Oracle of Passeridae
(opening verse)

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