THE MATH: (Venus + Chiron CONJUNCT Aries) = grows, is alWays mine,


Venus calls back to Chiron…

"SomeTimes, I wander towards the man
who never speaks to me.  I hear

All kinds of ideas, as I sit
at his feet.  He does not care

for me.  I no longer try to hold
onto every thought he thinks.  Still,

seeds are planted, as they scatter
themSelves on the Wind, and nestle

into the Dark silt of my Being.
They may sprout, or they may not,

in Time.  They say, One
should curate, what enters

One's mind.  They question
my choice, in seeking the prick

of the thorn.   SomeTimes,
his seeds grow into man

-eating monsters, like Audrey II,
in 'Little Shop of Horrors'.

But anything that arises, is
woven from my own muck.  I listen

to find out if I still have
venom in my veins.

SomeTimes, I grow into
a pretty plant, with a persuasive

face, that later bears
its teeth.  The first thing

I grew into, was a Love
as wide as an Ocean, but whatever

grows, is alWays mine,
even if it starts as him."

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