THE MATH: Lunar Eclipse Scorpio = “Now we just chill,


…The Nymphs gather

on the deck of the Ferry…

"...Soooo, Now what?"
Medusa asks.

"Now we just chill,
having Lightened our load,
and experience the Great
Tao," Persephone says.

Lilith's eye twitches,
"I know I Love
the cold, and stuff, but
chilling, is not
really my thing."

"Brood, then, if you must,"
Persephone recommends
as she puts on her Sun

"WTF is that?"
Minthe asks, pointing
at a whirlpool, in the near

Vesta gazes blankly at it,
"It looks like the Never
-Ending Portal, to me."

"Ok... but the Ferry
is headed straight
for it," Lilith emphasizes.

"Don't fight it, Lili,"
Persephone rubs her back.

"But what if it IS
the Never Ending Portal?!"
Lilith screams.

"What if it's not?"
Persephone asks softly.

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