THE MATH: (Neptune + Mars CONJUNCT Pisces) = “Fuck me,” Mars sinks.


"So what you are
telling me is, my
Dad didn't wait for me?"
Mars recaps, Neptune's synopsis

of the traffic on his ice-cube.
"Your father can be
very self-focused, Mars,"
Neptune pats him

on the shoulder, "But hey!
Buddy!  We can still
have fun, right?  It's me,
Uncle 'Tune.  Remember when

you suggested I make
a routine from a deep
breath, and two
glasses of water?  Well,

Here it is!" Neptune proclaims
casting his limbs around
at his ice-cube.
"Are you sure

this isn't Athena's island?"
Mars questions.
"Yes, I'm fucking sure,"
Neptune darkens, "I wish

everyone would stop
asking me that."
"So you've been Here,
this whole Time, and this

is as far as you've gotten?"
Mars asks, looking around
at the barren cube,
and it's lonesome throne.

"I like to take things slow,"
Neptune shrugs, "And I've got a few
years left on the Dreaming
Sea, to develop it.  Besides, most

Ocean action takes place,
under the surface."  "Well,
I won't be staying," Mars decides,
crossing his arms.  "How do you

know?" Neptune asks him.
"Venus told me,
when she Dusted me,"
Mars says, looking out

at the horizon line, begrudgingly.
Neptune grins, "Oh yeah.
I heard about that.  Please, sit
down," Neptune gestures,  "Let's talk."

"I gotta go, 'Tune," Mars says,
shaking his head at the ice-throne,
"I'm looking for a dingy.
Have you seen it?"

"...What kind of dingy,"
Neptune calls back to him.
"A shitty one," Mars answers
"Your Dad has it," Neptune nods.

"Fuck me," Mars sinks.
Neptune sighs, "Unfortunately,
this is not Athena's island.
It's my ice-cube. 

The nymphs
are not coming, to rescue
or fuck you."  "So what
do you do Here?"

Mars whines, with his head
in his hands.  "I watch the Sea
Neptune shrugs,  "I let
things come.  I let  them go."

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