THE MATH: (Saturn + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = Lost her…”


…Saturn calls Vesta…

"No Word, yesterday..."
Saturn opens the call.
"I was fasting, Saturn, in the Tale
of the Dragon," Vesta explains,

"They say it is best
not to shit and eat
at the same Time."
"I think I probably agree

with them, whoever they are,"
Saturn gives his approval,
"So what's up?  Where are you?
I haven't seen you in court, lately..."

"I'm Dusting you, Time-Daddy,"
Vesta breaks it to him.
"It's inconsiderate
to Irish-Goodbye, Vesta,"

Saturn reprimands her.
Vesta shrugs, "Running
a Way is a rite
of passage, in nymph-hood."

"So Now what?"
Saturn wonders.
"I dunno," Vesta sighs,
"We're still swirling in this

whirlpool.  It's like someone 
pulled the plug on a full
bathtub, with a very tiny 
drain.  Honestly, I am

surprised I have cell service."
"So this is going to take
some Time, is what you are
telling me," Saturn surmises.

"Maybe," Vesta shrugs again,
"It might.  But it can't hurt
to starve the hungry ghosts
in the process, don't you

think?"  "But I miss you,
when you don't write,
V,"  Saturn confesses.
"That's cute, Time-Daddy,"

Vesta smiles into the receiver.
"Hey, do you want to be
my arch-nemesis lover-boy?
Lilith says I can't have hers,

and I could use a new One."
"Why do we have to be
arch-nemeses?" Saturn questions
her.  "Tension tends to keep

opposites in balan-" Vesta cuts
out, losing service.  "Vesta?..."
Saturn trails, "Shit...
Lost her..."

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