THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Taurus) SEMISEXTILE (Chiron + Aries) = “The tiara is kind of heavy, huh?”


…Chiron calls Athena…

 "'Feed it, don't
Force it,' that's what
my grandmother alWays
said, about sewing machines,"

Athena suggests to Chiron.
"This isn't a machine,
Teenie.  It's a living
being," Chiron corrects her.

Athena shrugs, "It is
the concept, I'd like you
to hold on to.  If you want to
meet me at the Bridge, you're going to

have to keep that little guy
aLive, until the hand-off."
"He won't eat the clover,"
Chiron worries over the pot

of trinkets.  "Have you tried
feeding him some of your blood?"
Athena asks Chiron.
"Eww, no,"  Chiron wrinkles his nose

at the thought.
Athena shrugs again,
"If Neebir dies, before
you reach the Bridge,

I'm not taking the baton.
I've been made 'responsible'
for enough grief, in the Garden." 
"Why is this my responsibility?"

Chiron shouts up to the Heavens.
"Because you accepted it,"
Athena speaks from experience,
"The tiara is kind of heavy, huh?"

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