THE MATH: (Sun + Taurus) TRINE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = milk for curative.”


Pluto gives some advice to the Sun Mole, as he digs his tunnels…

"If you stop looking
back, there is a lot
less torture, to be

felt.  It is wise
to scrutinize the Way, long
enough to know the path

you have taken
to arrive where you are.
The hardest part might be,

to choose not to
bite, when the canary
is in your palm,

or wrapped in the tight
grip, of your hypnotizing
constriction.  On

the edge of action, you'll feel
the venom dripping from
poised fangs.  If you

select a different action,
than the Way you tend
to go, you will

receive a different reaction,
than the Death of a singing
bird. -Although there is no

guarantee what, and the test
may continue, long
after the first alteration in

the pattern.  People
say you have to know
wHere you are

going, but you don't.
All you require, is to know
wHere you have already

been, and choose not
to go that Way, again.
You have the option

to make honey,
or an anti-venom,
but only the strong know

how to make Love
when they are
poisoned, and very

few will get it right,
every Time.  There is
no need to be

perfect, but remember
it is you who are
creating the moment

you arrive in.
And so, my Sunny friend,
as your fangs drip:

milk for curative."

…Sunny pauses, absorbing

the Death King’s message…

"Are you GXDZ reading,
the GXSSIP column, or not?"
Sunny grumpily wonders,

"I'm blind, Pluto, I can't
See shit.  I am
a mole. I don't bite birds.

I eat worms, and dig.  Besides,
I've been a snake already."
Pluto sighs, letting

his metaphor be lost
in Sunny's darkness , "Yeah,
but you're almost tunneled

out of Taurus,
Sunshine.  It's about Time
to shift, again..."

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