THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Jupiter + Aries) = because I can.


Lilith tells the Nymphs

a Story, as they spiral

in the whirlpool…

"'How dare you have anything
to say, you foolish siren!' chides

the Sea Master.  And a Fool
I may be.  The point

is the trail I leave,
like shimmering

slime on a pebble, or a leaf.
This is not a Way

towards him, 
though I can See

I tickle him, into dancing.
I do not hope to trap him,

by showing him how shiny I am.
I know, the jig is up.  Mostly,

I'm just singing to mySelves,
and the whispering

Wind, in the tall grass.
I mark my path

because I can.
And some Day, I aspire

to be as wise
as the glittering slime

I leave."

Lilith dives into the center

of the whirlpool, singing.

The Nymphs follow the slime
trail behind her,
Fool though she is...

"Meet me in the Garden
where the Sun breaks

with the Earth, and bursts
with wild orange shoots

that fill the Air with mirth.
Seek me out, in grass

grown tall, that whispers
close and low.  Amongst

the murmurs, soft
and slow, we'll hold

the pulsing glow.  Push
into the swelling

breeze, our Hearts
catch in the Light.

A million fractals,
back to One, in Love

we reunite."

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