THE MATH: (Moon + Pluto Rx CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Vesta + Aquarius) = “A captain should alWays


Vesta and Persephone continue to watch the Nymphs go diving…

"So, are you going
to jump?" Persephone asks V.
"I'd rather not, but

if I lose the Black Moon
Kirby, I lose the Game,"
V sighs, "What about you?"

Persephone shakes her head,
"A captain should alWays
go down with her ship.

Besides, y'all are obviously
headed to the Garden.
It is a Law of Axis.

I'm not ready to go back
tHere, yet," Persephone confesses.
"You are too into rules, Seph,"

Vesta criticizes her,
"A rule is only a rule
until it is broken.  Have you

considered, maybe we are
headed to someplace else,

Persephone shrugs,  "Sure. 
And if so, I'll meet you
tHere, on my own Time.

I still want to meet the Buddha
down Here, if the opportunity
arises."  "I don't think

anything will be arising
from this downward
spiral," Vesta reflects.

"Whatever," Persephone
brushes her off, "I'm staying
with the Ferry."

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