THE MATH: (Mercury CAZIMI Sun ENTERS Gemini) = glib, and irreverent Here.


Sunny rolls onto the paved

loop, in the park…

in his fresh roller-skates.
Mercury takes him out,
blading backwards,

"WTF!" Sunny screams
ripping his neon

pink leggings, in his fall,
"I looked cute, and Now
I just look like a n00b,"

the Sun whines.  Mercury looks
Sunny up and down,
"Trust me, you would have

looked like a n00b, as soon
as you started skating."
"Well that's rude,"

Sunny huffs at him.
Mercury laughs, "Welcome
to Gemini, bitch!  We are

glib, and irreverent Here.
But don't make fun
of us, we are also sensitive.

Why did you choose skates,
Sunny?  The theme is Blade,
and they're easier."

"I'm rebelling against
the nymphs," Sunny sniffs
crossing his arms.

"Well rebelling looks
dumb on you.
And you're trying too hard,

for hot girl shit,"
Mercury says, as he blades
a Way, "Just be yourSelf."

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