THE MATH: (Moon + Saturn + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) TRINE (Mean Lilith + Cancer) = It’s just veiled.”


Vesta and Lilith chat

in the slime spiral…

"Handiboi says, he's not
going to read you
anymore.  So, it sounds

like you're the One
in need of a new
arch-nemesis lover-boy,"

Vesta relates the latest, from
the HandiOne.  "You found
One?" Lilith asks V.

Vesta nods, "Yeah,
I think Saturn."
"Eww, Vesta," 

Lilith wrinkles her nose.
Vesta shrugs, "I like calm,
and curious men."

"OK, suit yourSelves,
but why is Handiboi out?"
Lilith moves on.

"He says the blog is bad
for his dopamine addiction.
And he'd rather move on

than alWays be wondering
what you're thinking," V
looks up smiling, "Although,

he finds us entertaining,
and annoying." Lilith nods,
"I get that.  Breadcrumbs,

taste weirdly good."
Vesta continues, "He says
the version of you

that lives in his head
is either an idol, or
a huge bitch.  And he

doesn't know why, he can't
See you for who you are."
"Who am I?" Lilith asks.

Vesta looks at Lilith,
and shrugs, "to me
you are the Desert Wind."

Lilith contemplates it,
"The Wind is awfully
hard to grasp."

"He wants to give you
your privacy, and give
himSelves a chance

to move on," Vesta says.
"Handiboi's Heart is
as wide as an Ocean."

Lilith reflects.
"That's the problem,"
Vesta nods, "Nobody knows

how deep the Ocean is." 
"I don't want my privacy,"
Lilith protest, "This is

the Back-Door Melee.
It's not private.
It's just veiled."

"Let him go, Lili,"
Vesta pounds Saturn's
tiny gavel, "We do not

write, to be read, and
we don't take prisoners." 
"You do not

write to be read," Lilith
corrects her, "I write, to play
with my frenemies."

"Say goodbye, Lilitu,"
Vesta holds firm.
"Fine," Lilith sighs,

"Goodbye, HandiOne.
You are going to be
OK.  I still See

your Heart."

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