THE MATH: Mercury Rx RE-ENTERS Taurus SQUARE (Vesta + Aquarius) = question…”


Mercury calls V,

for consultation…

"Ok, if we are going
to do this, you need to lie
down on something,"

V says, "Preferably a davenport."
"Why?" Mercury asks.
Vesta shrugs, "It's just the Way

we do things."
"...OK, go... I'm horizontal,"
Mercury confirms.

"So what seems to be
the query, beLoved?"
Vesta begins, in her usual Way.

"My dream life has been
hella vivid lately,"
Mercury says.

"Oh yeah?  Tell me
about it," Vesta invites him.
"Last Night, I was

a mentee on a space-ship,
and my guide handed me
a red balloon

with a four leaf clover on it."
"The Luck of the Irish!"
Vesta exclaims, "Or IT.

"Your mentor must have known
you're re-entering Taurus.
Keep your eye out for Keebir,

while you're in the Garden."
"A lot of the Time,
when I dream, I am you,

Vesta," Mercury admits.
"That makes sense,"
V shrugs, "I tend

to embody the best of us."
"Last week, I watched 
a Death Star crash

into a lake, as I
surfed the waves of its 
after-shock," Mercury continues,

reading from his dream diary.
"Are you alWays in Space
when you dream?" Vesta wonders.

"Most of the Time,
yeah," Mercury shrugs.
"So what is the difference

between sleeping,
and waking, then?"
Vesta asks him.

Mercury sighs, "You are
the fucking Dr. V.
And that's a Great


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