(Vesta ENTERS Pisces) X (Moon + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) = know, and maybe, but


Vesta calls Persephone,

as she goes down

with the Ferry…

"So I have some news..."
Vesta trails.
"Ok... like, good or bad

news?" Persephone asks
as she stares into the whirlpool.
"I'd rather not label it," Vesta lilts.

"Spit it out Vesta."
Persephone darkens.
"I lost Lilith," V lets it rip.

"What do you mean,
you lost Lilith?!"
Persephone asks her.

"It's really slippery
in the slime spiral,"
Vesta justifies herSelves,

"One minute she was tHere
and the next, I was spit out."
Persephone sighs, "Well,

wHere are you Now?"
"Swimming back to the Ferry,"
Vesta states, "But I do

not think I'm going to make it."
"That sounds dramatic," Persephone 
evaluates, "Please elaborate." 

"I'm just, like, caught
in the Space-Time undertow,
that's All.  It looks like Saturn

is going to suck me back
into the his orbit 
on the outer-rim of Space,"

Vesta explains, checking
the map, as she back-floats.
"You mean you're going

to station retrograde?"
Persephone clarifies,
"It's not like you, not to

know this stuff,
ahead of Time, V,"
Persephone chastises her.

V shrugs, "I suppose
that's what happens when you
take Time-Daddy as your arch

nemesis lover-boy.
I imagine it will be
quite challenging for me

to get ahead of Time,
for the foreseeable future.
Besides," V shrugs, "It's been difficult

to focus on my own needs, when
I'm alWays tending to the Passion
of the Anti-Christ."  "You've got

some co-dependency problems,"
Persephone tells her, "Well, when
will you be back?" Seph whines,

in the same hypocritical breath. 
"February," V does not guild the Lilikoi.
"WTF, V.  I hope I'm not still

Here by then," Persephone says
as she glares at the Dreaming
Sea.  "How do you

know, if something is
for you, Persephone?"
Vesta ask her.

Persephone sighs,
"Because it is with me,"
Vesta nods, "Yes.

"And for a while, I am
not."  "OK, but where
is Lilith?" Persephone wonders,

"And does this mean
you lost the Game?"
Vesta shrugs, "I don't

know, and maybe, but
I was going to lose,
eventually.  And quite

honestly, it's relieving,
to let her do
her own thing."

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