THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Jupiter + Mars CONJUNCT Aries) = “You’re speaking medieval


The Black Moon

Lilith calls back

to Mars, she says…

"It's me bitch, the voice
in your head," she crackles.

"How do you know?"
Mars asks her.

"Because," Lilith sighs,
"You're speaking medieval,

and that's my job," she answers.
"But what are you

doing in my head, Lilith?"
Mars questions the Dark.

"Don't ask me," Lilith shrugs,
"I'm not the Dark, exactly,

I'm just not the Light.
I dove into Destiny, for All

the good it did me,
and Here I am."

"Were you having a, 'Grab
your Fate, and ride it,'

moment, Lilith?" Mars
begins to grin.

Lilith sighs again, "Shut up,
I've got a whole congregation

of Nymphs in Here,
and it's awfully crowded."

"Oh, Hell," Mars' face falls.
" I know," Lilith confirms,

"I'd rather be with
the Desert Wind."

"Feel free to leave,
whenever you want, Lilith,"

Mars insists.  Lilith kicks
the walls of his

brain.  "You think
I want to be stuck inside

your whiny ass!?" she yells.
Mars flinches, "What

do you want,
Lilith?" Mars asks her.

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