THE MATH: (Mars + Jupiter CONJUNCT Aries) SQUARE (Mean Lilith + Cancer) = the myth ingredients


"What if I just like, pull
an Athena, and pop out
the top of your head?"

Lilith wonders, as she assesses
 the dome of Mars' skull.
"Wouldn't that make me,

like, your dad?" Mars asks her.
"We already have a dad,"
Lilith answers.

"Yeah, but you've read
the myth ingredients.
This is how a man makes

a baby, and things change.
You can have a new father,"
Mars suggest, as he begins

to breathe like Darth Vader, "Lolita
Skywalker," he heaves, " I AM

"I refuse to call you Daddy,
Mars," Lilith says flatly.
"That doesn't change

the facts," Mars grins.
"It's not facts, it's fiction,"
Lilith says.  "Whether something is

real, or not, is irrelevant,"
Mars quotes Vesta, quoting
Akiko Busch.  "GXDZ DAMN IT!"

Lilith pulls at her hair,
"Find another

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