THE MATH: (Moon + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (S. Node + Scorpio) = I think I am. Yeah,


Moonie leaves Fate

a message…

"To annoy people
I don't even know
with their Self

-generated projections,
of how wise
I think I am.  Yeah,

I can See
how that would be

if self-stroking was what
I was doing, when
I wrote the Word.  But

really, it is I who needed
to remember it,
later, in the Night,

reflecting into Other
eyes -And I was
glad for the guidance

ringing through me,
though it came only
from my foolish

Selves.  I do not
often write, of what I have
mastered, but what I am

stumbling into.
And I think it might be
okay, to share it,

even if  I am a master
-piece with a broken nose,
or a fallen limb, or scrapped

as practice."

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