THE MATH: (Moon + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = at me, no Matter what


Lilith sobs into Minthe’s shoulder, in Mars’ head…

"I don't think I want to
do this, anymore, every
week, being built up

to break down, in family
therapy.  An hour
will never be enough,

and the potato is too hot
to carry with me in between.
The anger eating a Way

at me, no Matter what
I say, or how it goes,"
she muffles into Minthe's

shoulder.  "Then don't do it,
anymore," Minthe squeezes
 her, tighter.  "I'll be

a failure," Lilith tells her.
Minthe smiles, "There is Nothing
really new, about that

Story, Lilitu," Minthe shrugs,
"Let them have their perfect
family.  What is

the point of being
a part of it, if you have to
play the sacrificial

lamb? Do you want to
bleed out, on your own
bones forever, or do you want

to live?"

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