THE MATH: (Lilith + Moon CONJUNCT Cancer) = to be quite comforting.”


Minthe and Lilith are still chatting in Mars’ head…

"So," Minthe says, "How
would you like to numb?
Doobie?  Wine?  Or Blacklist?"

"Let's go with the TV,"
Lilith wipes a Way the last
of her tears, "I find

the Daddy/daughter duo
who doesn't know she is
a daughter, to her criminal

mastermind Daddy, fighting
crime ambiguous to the sides
of good and evil,

while solving single, overlaid
by multi-episodic mysteries,
to be quite comforting,"

Lilith says, plopping
down on the couch,
burying herSelves beneath

a duvet.  Minthe sighs,
"You know, you're like, the most
annoying person to watch

crime mysteries with.
You spoil the plot, like,
two minutes in." 

"It's not my fault,
they're so transparent,"
Lilith shrugs.   Minthe sits

down next to her, "Hey,
Lilith, I know, it's not
the Desert, but

being stuck in Here
with you, is not so bad,
even though you ruin

everything," Minthe ribs,
"Thanks," Lilith grins,
reluctantly, "I Love you too,


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