THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Mars + Aries) = Boo, bitch.


Mars holds his head, as Lilith reads Handi-Hyde’s messages, and her response…

"You're Dark," he says.
"You've got a Dark
entity in you.
I just think
you should know."

"No fucking shit,
Sherlock.  Without
the Dark, I don't 
exist.  But you are
right, the mind

works in mysterious
Ways, when
there are blocks
to the subconscious
brain.  Sleep paralysis,

is One of them, and I
suffered many a daemon,
before I could finally
see the Devil, right
inside of me.  They called him,

'Lili's ghost'.  You know him
Now, as Lucifer.
There is more than One
Way, to See most
things.  And if

you are left on
your own, to brood,
for long enough,
you will likely find One.
Boo, bitch.

Better run for it.
From the Hungry Ghost.
From the Succubus.

From the Karma
of a Life not Lived.
The pressure

of an unresolved
trauma, rising
to the surface

in a perpetually
slow build.  The con
of a LifeTime.

He Loves me.  He Loves me not."

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