THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) SQUARE (Moon + Cancer) = Dear, in your Heart.


Moonie sends one back to Chiron…

"Who on this Earth
is not a Luna

-tic.  Going off,
like a clock

in the skin?  Sleeping
eventually wakes itSelves.

You know
what the Door looks

like, because you
have stood, on either

side of it.  Its hurt
is understood, because

you have made many
shapes, upon your own

walls.  The limit
where false Love tips

into Fate, and you
learn to decide

what Love will mean
for you, next.  To be

between the scales
is to hold a crux

felt as the tipping
point of pain,

with no one
to blame but the Angry

Dear, in your Heart."

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