THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = gasLight you, that that is


Chiron broadcasts a message, from Moonie’s satellite…

"Only you can decide
what is worth it.
There is enough

pain to feel,
without need to
pursue it.  If you

ask for what you need,
and you're still not
met, it's OK

to activate your own
self-respect, and walk
a Way.  Not everyone

can give you what
you need, but
if they implore you

to tell them what
would support you,
and then

gasLight you, that that is
what has alWays been given,
rather than acknowledge you,

they're fucking delusional,
and lying to themSelves.
And they are

not with you, but with
an image of themSelves
they are desperate 

to preserve,
and you can alWays
walk a Way."

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