THE MATH: (Venus + Taurus) SEMISEXTILE (Mars + Aries) = Lilith has a Butterfly


"Okay!"  Venus claps
her hands in front
of Mars eyes, "If we are

going to have an out
pouring, lets make it
fashion, and keep

our focus Well
rounded, shall we?"
"Venus?" Mars asks

in a daze, touching
her face, "Is that you?"
"It's me buddy,"

she says, as he gropes it.
He pulls her close,
and blows spit in her face,

with his tongue between
his lips.
"Such an evolved

Way, to express
your angst, habibi,"
Venus says,

as she wipes her visage.
"Sorry," Mars says,
"I'm not sorry at All.

Lilith has a Butterfly
Effect."  "So let
the butterfly out,"

Venus suggest.
"I'm trying!" Mars screams,
"But she won't call me

Daddy!"  "Does she
have to? " Venus questions.
Mars shrugs, "It is the Way

we have alWays done things."

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